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The Love Zone USA.com


Our station focuses on dating relationships, sex and marriage.  
Where we bring you various topics touching on each of those categories.  We currently have 4 Shows Airing as follows:

Monday:'s 9pm - 10pm est
The Girlfrend Network -" Where Women Stay Connected"

features 4 Hosts
Ziina Vasquez
Fallon Moreno
Nacone Martin

Taheera Sutton

Thursdays 8pm -10pm est
The Love Zone USA
features Host Mike T. who discusses sex dating, relationships and marriage and also Interviews relationship experts, Lawyers, Authors and Celebrities


Friday's 8pm - 9pm est  
"The Countdown"
features Host Toney Diamond playing The Top 7 Hits of the last 7 Days - Today's R&B, Hip Hop & Reggae

Sunday's 8pm - 9pm est

"Soul Paradise"
features Host Rolls Royce Howard (formerly with WDAS) and has worked with the legendary Butterball.  Show focuses on the Best Olides music from the 50's, 60's, & 70's


The Love Zone USA is designed to "Spread Love Around the World" through it's Host's , Music and Topics.

Our Management Team

  • Mike Thomas

    General Manager

    Mike Thomas (PKA as Mike T)  has over 30 years of Sales/Marketing/Management  experience and has worked in a variety of Industry's such as  Entertainment  Computers and Wireless.   He has worked for such major Corps as Ford,  Compusa, Sprint/Nextel, Circuit City, Compusa  and on the Entertainment spectrum WNJR, WDAS, WBGO & Sirius Satellite Radio.

    Mike's experience  in Sales, Marketing and Management in a variety of Industry's has given him a broad background.   Mike has developed "The Automated Sales Process" which reduces redundancy for small and medium sized businesses.   In addition Mike has worked over 36 years simultaneously in Radio professionally known as Mike "T".  where his last stint was as evening National Radio Host on "Soul Town" for 4 years at Sirius Satellite Radio ending in 2007.
     Where he has built a broad following of listeners and and fans.

    Mike's broad background in Sales/Management & Entertainment ina variety of industry's  has given
     him insight to business from a unique perspective and understanding that brings gifted insight that most other Executives do not posses.

    Mike's unique background of Sales/Management/Marketing and Entertainment combined with his knowledge and insight to the use and implementation of  Technology is unparralleled when it comes to combining the unique ability to combine Technology with Business to create efficiency in the Distribution and Marketing which makes him uniquey qualified to be at the helm of this Internet Radio Station during these early years.

  • Denese Duran

    Operations Manager

    Denese  loves music and has attnded a Fine Arts High school where her major was instrumental music.  She plays 2 instruments the Flute & icolo.  She studied music theory and has composed her own solo by the age of 17.  

    She was part ofNewark Symhony Youth Orchestra &al City band for her home town ofPaterson, NJ.  She later went to Berkeley College & Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in International Business.  While attending school she never lost her Musical background sheparticipated in the music & theater program actively.  She later found her passion in radio becoming one of the host of a show called "Seaholics" on Indie Republic Network through MMERADIO.  That show gave her the eperience of using her creativity in writing comedy skits, music commercials editing & ptting music into a 2 hour live show that was mostly all talk & comedy.

    She later gained full control of another show through MMERADIO that she was host/producer where she interviewed Idie Artist & also picked relevant topcs & gave celebrity gossip and premiered the latest music.  She says, "I enjoyed all aspects ofdong "The Get Focused Show" but, Iwanted more knowledge of hhow to run and operate the back end of what it takes to run a station".  Almost 3 years into her radio hosting/producing she came across the opportunty with The Love Zone USA.com was the structure I was yearning for I saw a great product that could be a househod nae with music, talk, Celebrity interviews and most of all working with an experiened seasoned mentor like Mike Thomas who has all the knowledge I needed to grow.  I am Honored to work for The Love Zone USA.com andfor the people who I work with.

    The Love Zone USA.com teaches audiences on many topics - elevates, educates and entertains.  Other than working for The Love Zone USAcom I enjoy music concerts, Museums, Art, Exercising, Dancing and making people laugh. but most of all traveling.

  • Toney Diamond

    Production Manager

    Toney was born and raised in The Bronx and grew up listening to his mothers otown Classics which began his love of music.  As a tnager, he hung around his friends; rapping, dancing & listening to hip hop.  To help keep them out of trouble, his aunt bought aset of turn tabes. . . his love of music quicky progressed from listening to deejaying.  He began deejaying at house partis, block partis andlater at clubs.

    "Good Music is what I love which is why The Love Zone USA.com is where I wanted to be.  I get to play all types of music without regulations".